DDRS - Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme


Under the Road Traffic Offenders Act (1988) people convicted of a drink driving offence can receive up to one quarter of the time off their ban if they participate on an approved Drink Driver Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) course. The Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) act on behalf of The Secretary of State by ensuring that service providers fulfil the specified criteria to enable them to be approved course providers of the DDRS.


How does the reduction work?


You are sentenced to a 12 month driving ban on January 31st 2015

If you complete the course you will receive a 9 month ban so you will be due to get your license back on the October 31sth 2015 (as opposed to January 31st 2016).

There are 2 months needed for completion time so you must complete the DDRS course before August 31st 2015. From the time you are sentenced this would give you 7 months to complete the course to ensure you receive the reduction in your ban.


How can I be referred for DDRS course?

It is only at the time of sentencing (when you appear at court) that you can be referred by the court to an approved Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) training course. All sentencing courts across Scotland are aware of the DDRS. You should ask your solicitor or the duty solicitor to inquire if the Sherriff would consider the DDRS as a disposal for you.

*Please note that you cannot ask for the DDRS after you have been sentenced at court.

ISM Psychological Services Ltd are the only Scottish based company who are DDRS approved training providers.


What happens when you are referred to an approved course?

  • ISM receive your referral from the sentencing court and respond to this within 3 working days.
  • ISM make contact with you or you can contact them direct after you have been referred. The court and your solicitor will have our contact details.
  • By law you must pay the full amount for the course before you complete the course. However, you will be required to pay a £50 deposit to make sure you are booked onto a course before your completion date. You can make arrangements on how you will pay the remainder of the course fee with ISM office when you speak to them. The fee for the course for an early booking is £140.00 or for instalment bookings it is £160. You can pay the £50 deposit and make arrangements to pay the course in full.
  • ISM will send you confirmation details of the course dates and venue.


Why choose ISM as a DDRS provider?

  • We are the only Scottish based company who are approved training providers.
  • We have tailored our training course to the habits and culture of Scottish people.
  • Our courses have information about Scottish law and government policies on alcohol.
  • In every course we use a realistic rather than idealistic model of evaluation. This helps people use their own drinking patterns to ensure they are not reconvicted.
  • All our courses are interactive. They are not a lecture and they do not contain hard hitting material.
  • All our facilitators are non-judgemental. They know their job is to educate you on the facts about alcohol and to encourage your participation so you get the most out of the course.
  • We endeavour to work closely with courts and solicitors across Scotland.
  • We guarantee that when referred to ISM DDRS will provide a training course near you within the timescales provided by the court. We deliver our courses 7 days per week.


What does the course entail?

The DDRS course is an informal educational training workshop that provides participants with knowledge to reduce the likelihood they will be re-convicted of drink driving again.

It is structured across 3 weeks of 6 hours education. You must complete the modules in sequence. For example 3 x Mondays from 9.00am till 3.00pm in consecutive weeks. Weekend and evening courses are also available.


The DDRS has an agreed syllabus and service providers must facilitate the course as agreed at the time of approval.

You will be expected to participate in discussions, small group work and written exercises.

The facilitator’s role is to ensure you have support to complete the course. It is not a pass or fail course. You will receive your completion certificate if you have participated in the 16 hours of education.


What happens once you have completed the course?

By law service providers must provide you and the sentencing court with a completion certificate within 14 days of your last session.


Your sentencing court will then advise the DVLA that you have completed the course and they will update their records to show the reduction in your ban.

The DVLA will notify you of the reduction and the date that you will be eligible to drive again.



Drivers Alcohol Awareness Course - A preventative drink driving course

What the course is about:


This is a 3.5 hour workshop aimed at professional drivers or people who are required to drive as part of their job to prevent being convicted of a drink driving offence. It is an approved DSA course and as such can form part of professional competence training. The workshop covers the following:

  • Legislation underpinning drink driving  including the drink drive limit
  • Explore the Scottish culture of drinking alcohol including statistics and government initiatives to tackle the drinking culture
  • Understand the consequences associated with being convicted of drink driving
  • Explore skills and characteristics of good drivers
  • Consider how alcohol affects your functioning
  • Understand units of alcohol, recommended daily intake and will work out your own drinking patterns so you are aware of when you are free of alcohol to drive safely.

There are two options for the training:

  1. We can train your staff to deliver the training to a wider workforce.
  2. We can come and train your staff.

To enquire about this training and the cost please contact the ISM office. 

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