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ISM were founded in 2014 to provide interventions and training throughout Scotland. We work with individuals, community groups, local authorities and corporate clients. Our aims in any work we undertake is about changing behaviour and attitudes that are causing people difficulty in their lives. Sharron McAllister Reilly is the founder of ISM. She has worked for more than 18 years across justice, health, social care and education services. She gained a BSc (Hons) in Social Science / Psychology in 2004, an MSc in Forensic Psychology in 2007 and an MSc is Applied Psychology for Children & Young People in 2014. She is a qualified and registered Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology (CAAP) and is also a Graduate member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS). 


Our Psychological therapy for children and young people is an early intervention service. This means we intervene early in the cycle of difficuties in order to prevent an escalation. We use a developmental perspective for assessment. This means we look at a range of life experiecnes to help us make sense of the difficulites. From the assessment we develop a formulation and treatment plan. All assessments, formulations and treatment plans are discussed and agreed with the chilren, young people and their families. 


We provide a range of psychological services for Residential Childcare Workers (RCC). We understand the complexites of working in such a dynamic field. Our overall aim with this service is to help develop resilient and competently confident practitioners. We offer a range of services including training, reflective consultations, assessment & formulation for young people who are complex or not engaging in their placment. We can also offer individual psychological therapy for children & young people. 


We are a DVSA approved drink drive rehabilitation scheme (DDRS) course provider. We are the only Scottish based course provider. If convicted of a drink driving offence the sheriff has the discretion at the time of sentencing to offer the individual the opportunity of attending an approved DDRS course. By completing the course the individual can receive up to 25% reduction in their driving ban. All our group facilitators are experienced in group work and behavioural change. We provide supervision for all facilitators to encourage lifelong learning and development. Supervision also ensures that when facilitators are delivering ISM DDRS that practice is reflective of the course approved by The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).


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